Pink Panthers, Regional Celebs, and Boredwalk's Secret Origin!

Pink Panthers, Regional Celebs, and Boredwalk's Secret Origin!

happy dranksgiving holiday drinking sweatshirt

I know, I's a little early to already be thinking about Thanksgiving with Halloween still a week away, but what else can we do when we're already being confronted with cinnamon pinecones in every grocery store we step inside?

As you can see from the above, we're still plugging away at new designs here at Boredwalk HQ, but we're also preparing for the holiday rush with new equipment, new team members, and new enhancements to the website!

We still made time to record a fresh new podcast episode for your entertainment, though! This week Meredith and I dish about classic Pink Panther cartoons, low-budget commercials and the regional "celebrities" who make them, our shared tendency to personify our companion animals, and share a little about the brand before the brand, as well as our plans for both moving forward. It's a pretty full episode, but guess what? We successfully kept it (just) under 30 minutes this week! Huzzah!

We'll be back next week with a new episode, new designs, and other fun stuff, but until then have a great weekend!

Peace, love, and tacos,


P.S. About those wacky regional celebrities, check out the clips below to see what Meredith and I are referring to in the podcast ep!

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  • gnarvolicious

    Hey there. Somehow got your shirts onto my Iggy feed ‘coz Google and everybody knows what I like nowadays. But guess what, your stuff totally rox my sox, especially your “wake up and despair” and "someday we’ll all be dead" shirts. So it’s kinda scary that “sosh meeds” knows how to coax them dimes outta my piggy bank.

    Anyways. Now that you mention podcast, I’m gonna have to tune into you guys on my lovely Friday evening commute through the glorious and scenic 405SB/10W interchange. Thanks for everything.

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