FAQ – BoredWalk



Boredwalk sure has a lot of designs. Who creates them all?

A few of them were done by independent freelance designers, but most of them — about 99% — were done in-house by owners Matt Snow & Meredith Erin.

I own a boutique/shop/store. Can I carry your products?

Sure! Please feel free to direct any wholesale inquiries to us at hello@boredwalktshirts.com

What about consignment?

Sorry, but we don't do consignment.

Do you have a store? Can I visit you?

We don't have a retail storefront. We just have an office and warehouse in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles county. If you are based in the Los Angeles area you can place an order online and then pick it up from us at our office, but we don't really have any area set up for browsing or in-person shopping at this time. If you would like to pick up your order please email or call us to arrange for a pick up.


What kind of shirts does Boredwalk print on?

We print on a few different blank styles with varying ratios of cotton-to-synthetic (your polyesters, rayons, and viscoses), but all feature combed ring-spun materials with a minimum gauge of 30-singles. Detailed information on the fabric content and sizing is available on every product page to the right of the product pictures.

How do Boredwalk's shirts fit?

Great question! The answer is: it depends. Our men's tees, women's relaxed fit tees, tank tops, and crew-neck fleece sweatshirts all have a "unisex" fit. This means the sizes they're offered in are true-to-size with most men's sizes. However, our women's tees, scoop-neck tops, and scoop-neck fleeces run small, and sizing of each varies from style to style.

In other words, never go by designations like Small, Medium, Large, etc., when purchasing clothing online. Every brand and style of blank shirt is slightly different in terms of width and length, so a medium from one store won't necessarily fit exactly the same as a medium from another store if they're not printing on the exact same brand & style of shirt.

Save yourself the hassle and aggravation of returns & exchanges — with ANY online retailer — by taking a shirt you already own (and like the fit of!) and laying it flat on the floor, a table, or your bed. And we do mean flat; pull it taut so there are no wrinkles, waves, creases, etc. Take a measuring tape and measure the width of the shirt from underarm to underarm. Then measure the length of the shirt from the shoulder (just next to the collar) down to the bottom hem. Now compare those measurements to the ones in the sizing chart on the product pages throughout our site and select the size that is closest to those dimensions. This trick will save you a lot of money, time, and aggravation when shopping for clothing online. You're welcome! 

Can Boredwalk print on shirt styles not listed on the website?

Yes! Although we don't have the budget to stock every style of shirt that our suppliers offer, we can usually take custom requests if you don't see your desired shirt style or size listed on our website. We can get specialty sizes up to 5X (or ladies size 26) and we can get specialty shirt styles like childrens sweatshirts, juniors tanks and much more! To send us a request for an off-menu item just visit our custom requests page.

How are Boredwalk's shirts printed?

We primarily print our graphics in-house with digital direct-to-garment printers using water-based inks for a soft feel. From time to time we may use traditional screen printing with discharged water-based inks. Either way, we're obsessed with softness and durability.

Hey! I just received my shirt and the print is all faded — what gives?

Chances are you ordered a shirt with a "distressed" design. This means we purposely "roughed up" the art prior to printing to give it that lived-in, vintage look. We take the utmost care to make sure the product photos reflect how the shirts look when printed, so any intentional distressing will be apparent on your screen when you zoom in.

How should I care for my Boredwalk item(s)?

We recommend washing all of our items with like colors in cold water on the "Delicates" setting. Hang drying is best, but if you must use a machine, skip the fabric softener and use the low heat setting. Following these care guidelines will preserve the life of the garments and prints.

Are Boredwalk items pre-shrunk?

Yes, but any garment with high cotton content — even those that are pre-shrunk — will experience some shrinkage when washed and dried. Thankfully, they'll stretch back out after you wear them for an hour. And if you're drying your laundry in high heat — especially your darks — stop that.


Where does Boredwalk ship from?

Los Angeles, California.

How long will it take me to receive my order?

We print all of our items to order. Sometimes we have the blanks here in our shop; sometimes we need to order them in from one of our suppliers. This is why we need 2-5 business days* to prepare orders for shipment. From there, it takes USPS a few days to deliver packages within the U.S. The average delivery speed for First Class packages is 3-4 business days. For Priority packages, the average is 2-3 business days.

Please note that the above USPS averages are not guarantees. We have no control over how quickly USPS delivers packages once we hand them off. If you live far from a major city or in an area experiencing inclement weather it may take a little longer.

* Please note that a "business day" is any weekday, Monday through Friday, that is NOT a major holiday within the U.S. If you place an order on a Friday, the following Monday will be the first business day from when you placed the order, and Boredwalk will have until the Friday after that to ship the order — Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2, Wednesday = 3, Thursday = 4, Friday = 5. If a major holiday falls on the Monday after you placed your order, then Tuesday would be the first business day from when you placed the order and the following Monday would be the fifth business day from when your order was placed.

 We ship most orders in about 2-3 business days, but all orders ship within 5 business days. Most US orders arrive in 4 to 10 business days.

If you live outside the US, please plan for your order to take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. We also strongly recommend following your package's tracking information once your order ships. If your tracking indicates that your package has arrived in your country, please contact your local customs or postal service with the tracking number to find out how you can collect the package. We've had instances of customers missing the notice about their package being held at customs and the packages are left for so long that they end up being returned to us. The best way to avoid this is to make sure to monitor your package's tracking information once it ships.

Is there any way for me to track my Boredwalk order?

Yes! As soon as your order ships, you'll receive a notification containing a USPS tracking number. At that point USPS.com will be able to provide you with a projected delivery date. Please note that the information available on USPS.com is the same information we have as to the whereabouts of your package. If there seems to be a delay or an issue of non-delivery, please contact your local post office with the tracking number, as they will have more information at their disposal to assist you. 

Does Boredwalk offer next-day or expedited shipping?

Not as a standard option. Occasionally we can do next-day shipping, but in most cases we do need at least 2-3 business days to get an order printed and handed off to USPS, and then USPS needs time to deliver the shipment. If you have a firm in-hand date you are aiming for, please contact us at hello@boredwalktshirts.com to verify that we can make it happen.

Please note that if you select Priority mail, this means we will ship your order using USPS Priority mail service. This does not mean we can ship your order the day after you order. Again, all of our items are handmade to order, which is why we have a 2-5 business day window for shipping.

Does Boredwalk ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most countries in Europe and some countries in Asia via USPS. Please be aware that international customers may be charged customs or VAT fees. Boredwalk has no way to calculate these fees at the time of purchase, as each destination country has its own rates and fees that change over time with no notice. Please plan to pay these fees to your local customs authority at the time of delivery. Your country's customs authority may be able to help you estimate what the charges will be.

Why don't you ship to my country?

We wish we could ship to every country, but our experience has been that some countries offer more reliable postal service than others. For this reason, we've had to limit our list of available countries to those we know are most reliable in terms of delivery service. We would hate to attempt to ship you something and have you not receive it.

If you are outside the US and we don't ship to your country, you may want to look into international mail forwarding services. An international mail forwarder will provide you with a US-based shipping address so you can enjoy domestic shipping rates from stores across the US. When your packages arrive at the forwarder's address they will box them all up in one shipment and forward them on to you via a private carrier such as DHL or UPS, ensuring that you get all your purchases from the US for the cost of just one international shipment. This is a great option if you live outside the US but like to do a lot of shopping on US websites. 

I placed an order a while ago and still have not received it. The tracking information on USPS.com hasn't changed since it shipped. Where is my order?

Great question! As mentioned above, Boredwalk has no control over USPS's delivery speed. That said, if you placed an order and still haven't received it within 14 business days (60 calendar days if you're an international customer), let us know and we will do a one-time re-ship of the order. If it comes to that, we strongly recommend you provide us with a more reliable delivery address (such as a business address) to ensure you receive the re-shipped item(s).

The tracking information for my order indicates that it was delivered, but I never received it. What do I do?

First, check the area around your house or apartment. If the package was too large to fit in your regular mail box or slot, your mail carrier may have left it elsewhere on the property — on a porch, under a bush, around the side, etc.

If you live with family or a roommate/housemate, ask if they brought it inside and forgot to give it to you. You may also want to check with neighbors — mail carriers aren't perfect, and they may have mixed up the street or apartment number when delivering.

If you have exhausted all of the above options, contact your local post office with the tracking number and explain that you never received a package that was scanned as "delivered". They can ask the carrier who services your route if they placed it anywhere out of the ordinary. Be sure to ask them to check the GPS location where the package was scanned. Occasionally carriers leave packages at the wrong address. If you have your post office check the GPS information on the delivery scan, they can make sure the package was left at the correct address. If it was not left at the correct address, they should be able to retrieve it for you.

Above all, don't wait too long to eliminate the above options. The likelihood of finding a missing package is much greater if it's addressed within a day or two of being scanned as delivered instead of weeks later.

If none of the steps mentioned above turns up the package, please contact us at hello@boredwalktshirts.com with your order number and an alternate shipping address that's more secure/reliable (such as a work address), and we will do a one-time re-ship of your order.


The item I ordered doesn't fit. Can I exchange it for a different size?

Yes, provided it is returned in unwashed/unworn/sellable condition. Customers have 30 days from when their initial order was delivered to exchange items. You can find our detailed return/exchange instructions here.

Please note that Boredwalk does not cover the cost to mail back returns or refund original shipping costs (if there were any associated with the order). We can only offer free returns or free exchanges if there was an error on our part (e.g., the incorrect item shipped).

I purchased a Boredwalk item and have decided I don't want it. May I return it?

Yes, again, provided it is returned in unwashed/unworn/sellable condition within 30 days of when it was delivered, Boredwalk will issue a refund upon receipt of the item. As mentioned above, Boredwalk does not cover the cost to mail back returned items or refund any original shipping costs. You can find our detailed return/exchange instructions here.

I received my Boredwalk order and there's an issue with it (damage/defect, incorrect item.) 

That's terrible! We strive to make sure every order we ship out is free of errors or defects, but mistakes do occur from time to time (though very rarely.) We want you to be 100% happy with your order, and apologize for the oversight and/or mix-up and any inconvenience it has caused. Please contact us at hello@boredwalktshirts.com with your order number and let us know what the issue is and we will correct it immediately!